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7 Uncommon Ways Massage Improves Blood Circulation and Smartness

Proper blood circulation is essential for optimal health. It is often overlooked but it must be understood that it is through blood circulation that nutrients, minerals, and oxygen are transferred to different parts of the body.

Furthermore, good circulation promotes cell growth and organ function.

If the blood does not circulate as it should then the whole body suffers its effects, including the brain, the heart, the liver, the kidneys, and the muscles, helping to develop various health problems.

Circulatory disorder is not inevitable and can be adjusted naturally through massage.

The massage is a great way to move blood through the congested areas. A relaxing massage of the whole body helps to dilate blood vessels, improving blood flow.


The benefits of massage for blood circulation

When one suffers from poor blood circulation, one does not systematically think of massage as a possible solution to this problem.

However, stimulating the circulation of blood through massage is a technique well known to the medical profession.

This is the reason why patients who suffer from certain complications related to this poor circulation are usually prescribed massage sessions at a physiotherapist.

The friction caused by the movements of the massage makes it possible to circulate the blood in the veins naturally and to revitalize the circulatory system without having recourse to any medicine.

You will also probably have noticed that the symptoms of your circulatory problems such as heavy legs or tingling in the lower extremities can be quickly eliminated by practicing a massage of the affected area.

Unfortunately, not everyone has the time to visit the physiotherapist several times a week to receive this specific care.

But today there are technological solutions to achieve the same benefits without having to leave home as the massage device that we will present here in more detail.

The circulatory massage is used to stimulate, regulate and strengthen the circulatory system, promoting the oxygenation of cells and organs and eliminating the waste accumulated in the tissues of the lymphatic system.

The purpose, therefore, is to regenerate and increase the blood that is in circulation.


How a circulatory massage takes place

To prevent circulatory problems caused by hormonal factors, eating and strange lifestyle habits that lead to cellulite and different aesthetic problems, it is good to know that the circulatory massage, thanks to its action on the entire circulatory and lymphatic system, is an excellent base of prevention for these kinds of problems.

Circulatory massage offers several benefits.

According to Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, “This massage relaxes the tensed muscles in the body and relieves the stress from the body thus improving the overall health of the person.”

The massage is performed following the circulatory system, starting from the peripheral veins up to the heart.

Starting from the tip of your feet is a great start to perform the circulatory massage in the best way. Stimulation is performed with four types of maneuvers:

  • The first is to perform the touches that follow the blood circulation. Therefore bringing to relax the mind and the nerves of the person, inducing it to a feeling of serenity.
  • The clutch is very similar to grazing, but with a slightly firmer grip. It makes the tissues more elastic and reactivates the absorption of lymph and blood.
  • The third maneuver is kneading, which mainly acts on muscle mass, with the intention of relaxing the muscles.
  • Then a series of taps necessary to promote both the skin tone and the vasodilatation.


Here are the 7 uncommon ways massage improves blood circulation and smartness:

The massage of strategic reflex zones, located in different parts of the body, relaxes tension. This relaxation allows the blood and lymphatic circulation of the feet to be more fluid.

Start with the massage of the reflex zones of:

1. Feet.

                                                                                                    Image Source

The dorsal and plantar side, emphasizing the places mentioned below:

  • Toes,
  • The base of each toe,
  • Between the toes,
  • The top of the feet,
  • The instep,
  • The outer side of the feet, between the base of 5th metatarsal and calcaneus,
  • Around the malleolus, the joint that connects the leg and foot, the inner and outer sides of the feet.
  • The soles of the feet and
  • The heel of the feet.

The massage of the reflex zones of the feet will bring benefits on the blood and lymphatic circulation, as well as on the structure of the feet and consequently, on the structure of the whole body.

Add the massage of:

2. Hands to amplify the effects of foot massage.

Massage the reflex zones as follows:

  • Fingers,
  • The base of each finger,
  • Between the fingers,
  • The top of the fingers and
  • The wrists.


3. The Fessiers

The circulation of the feet is linked to the blood and lymphatic circulation of the lower limbs.


Starting from the pelvis, the arteries bring blood rich in oxygen and nutrients, reach the organs and muscles in this region, then the muscles of the thighs, the knee joints, the calves, the ankles to reach the feet.

The massage of the right buttock will help the circulation in the right foot and the massage of the left buttock will help the circulation of the left foot.

In addition, by massaging the pelvis, you will generally activate the reflex zones of the toes located in the right and left pelvis a little further down the iliac crest.


4. Behind The Articulation of The Knees

Behind the knee joint are the lymph nodes that surround the veins and popliteal arteries.

They gather at the knee and help to collect excess fluid from the feet and legs.

The right knee massage will help the circulation of the right foot and the left knee massage will help the circulation of the left foot.

The popliteal fossa corresponds to the reflex zone of the diaphragm. Activation of this part of the body will help your breathing which, in turn, will help the circulation of the lymph.


5. Legs and Thighs to insist and install the circulatory and lymphatic fluidity of the feet.

Do as follows:

  • Reassemble with the palms of the hands from the internal ankles, the inside of the legs including the knees and thighs,
  • From buttocks, lower the outer side of the legs, knees, calves to the outer ankles.

The reflex zone behind the thighs is the lungs and the massage will help your breathing.


6. Clavicules to support lymphatic drainage and detoxification of the whole body

The lymphatic vessels carry the lymph throughout the body and join the blood circulation through the subclavian veins.

The lymphatic system does not have a pump like the heart for the vascular system. The lymph circulates throughout the body through combinations of body movements, breathing, muscle contractions and lymphatic vessels.

Therefore, activation of the points and reflex zones of the clavicles allows good lymphatic circulation throughout the body, also in the feet and toes.

In reflexology, the body is divided into 5 vertical zones on the right side and 5 zones on the left side, starting from each toe to the head. 

Thus, by massaging the clavicles, you activate the reflex zones that will improve the blood and lymphatic circulation of your toes.

Note: The reflex points are located behind the clavicles. If you encounter a sore spot, you can massage that point until the sensitivity decreases.

Here’s how to do it:

i). Place your hand on your sternum for a few moments to make contact with your body. Then,

ii). Place the fingers of the hand as follows:

  • The index above the clavicle,
  • The middle finger on the top of the clavicle and
  • The ring finger under the clavicle.

Make the sliding movement with the right hand to the left following the shape of the clavicle, then with the left hand to the right. The massage of the points and reflex zones of the clavicles will improve your breathing and optimize the movement of the heart. Clavicle massage releases emotions in the physical body as a result of trauma, stress or permanent over-stress.


7. The Ears

The massage of the ears brings effects on the functioning of all the parts of the body, as well as:

  • Improves blood and lymphatic circulation throughout the body including toes
  • Promotes diet and detoxification of whole body cells.

How to increase the effectiveness of your self-massage?

On the other hand, together, acting together, they create a greater result than any of them could have achieved by acting independently.

So, for more efficiency, practice massage on all strategic reflex areas of the body.


Have healthy feet

To have healthy feet, it’s important to:

  • Wear shoes that respect the anatomy of the foot, because the feet support the weight of the body.

During the walk, the following points of support are solicited:

  • Heels and
  • The metatarsals (the part at the base of the toes).

Ideally, the weight of the body should be distributed between the front and back of the foot. When walking barefoot, the front part of the foot (the metatarsals) supports 43% of the body weight with each step and the remaining 57% is absorbed by the heel.

Walking, because this activity improves blood circulation and increases the efficiency of the heart.

The circulatory network at the feet and legs works at low pressure and against gravity. In this process, the soles of the feet act as a pump to push the blood to the heart.

The ideal would be to walk barefoot on the ground, sand, earth, grass.

  • It is beneficial to move the ankles, feet, and toes in all directions.
  • A complement to walking and different foot movements is the foot massage and strategic reflex zones.

Some clarifications for the application of reflexology on oneself:

You can activate the reflex zone in different ways:

  • Circular motion,
  • Pinch,
  • tap,
  • rub or
  • Simply drop your hand or fingers.

The pressure you exert by activating and stimulating the reflex zones can be very light, or much stronger and more intense. The intensity must be adjusted according to your feelings of comfort.

What matters is to keep in mind the ultimate goal and intention to improve the situation that bothers you.

Listen to your intuition that will allow you to act and adjust to the choice of movement, pressure, the time of the day that suits you best for self-reflexology, the duration of the massage, etc.

Now that you’ve learned how to significantly improve your foot circulation, you can start using these guidelines now to get tangible results.

Take note: In no case can self-reflexology replace the advice of a doctor or consultation with a health professional.


Some additional tips to naturally improve your blood circulation:

If you suffer from poor blood circulation, the daily use of the massage machine will bring you immediate relief. But you can also act on other levels to limit these problems and naturally improve your blood circulation.

Here are some tips to take if you have poor circulation:

  • Take cold showers at the legs.
  • Avoid exposing yourself to too much heat by limiting heating in winter, avoiding prolonged sun exposure or not taking a hot bath.
  • Wear loose clothing and do not wear tight-fitting clothes or tight shoes that may interfere with the flow of blood.
  • Avoid sitting too long in a sitting or standing position.
  • Make frequent movements of the most affected areas to reactivate blood circulation.
  • Elevate your legs by placing a cushion under them. This method can be useful during the night if you suffer from heavy legs. Some ergonomic cushions are specifically designed for this purpose and can easily be found on the market.
  • Adopt a healthy diet by avoiding as much fat as possible and focusing on high-fiber foods such as green vegetables.
  • If you are overweight, consider starting a slimming diet because your extra pounds put extra pressure on your legs and cause a drop in the quality of blood circulation.
  • Also, treat constipation problems by using natural remedies. You will avoid the formation of hemorrhoids.
  • Limit alcohol consumption as it tends to dilate the vein walls and weaken the veins.
  • If you are a smoker, stop smoking because tobacco also affects the lining of veins and arteries.
  • Exercise because the more active you are, the more your blood circulation will be stimulated.
  • Avoid contraceptive pills that can increase the risk of blood clots forming in the vessels.
  • Remember to drink enough water to help with the flow of liquids.


By putting these simple tips into practice, you will gradually see your blood circulation improve.

Of course, using a massage machine like the one we have presented here, you will increase the effects and find optimal daily comfort from the first session. You can order it today online and receive it in just a few days directly at home.

You can also use some natural dietary supplements that help boost blood circulation and reduce deficiencies responsible for circulatory malfunction.