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How to Receive a Super-Relaxing and Sensual Massage of Your Life

The power of touch is endless. It can shake, excite, cheer or simply relax. Taking advantage of the magic that sensual massages can offer is a good alternative to relieve tension and lead to ecstasy.

Due to the current rush, stress and the days dedicated to everything but relaxation, the life of a couple can go through moments of monotony, fatigue, and demotivation.

Given the benefits of massage, you can understand why 6.9% of U.S. adults (about 15 million) used massage therapy, according the the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH).

Many times we come home desiring to lie down immediately on the couch and we dream of receiving a relaxing massage, that makes us forget the bustle of the day’s work.

Sensual massage can be magic if it’s done the right way. It can calm the nerves, enhance affection, and consequently, nudge you towards a more sexual state of mind between you and your partner.


The importance of touch

Humans are a social being and needs, among many factors, touch to relate.

When we touch a person, we transfer and receive energies, which is why the touch, be it a handshake, a hug, a kiss, or a simple pat on the back, is a symbol of relationship connection and contact.

Massage, in turn, is an expanded way of playing with quality, providing rest to the body, in parts or in its entirety.

A massage, in addition to any aesthetic or therapeutic effects that it is intended to achieve, is always an extremely-pleasant experience which provides the warmth of physical contact in a close and intimate way. It also reduces the stress hormone ‘Cortisol.’

It is a direct form of contact and constitutes the most basic basis of any therapy.

Between a couple, the massage becomes, from the first, the most intimate form of approach.

The whole potential of well-being that this connection provides is, in massage, stripped of distance or even the embarrassment that exists between strangers.

Massage is not only relaxing and comforting but also a way of expressing love and care.

The intimate nature of touch has the added advantage of promoting a closer rapport between two people.


Explore the body

Whether or not you are into the act of love, massage is a good way for partners to explore each other’s body and to achieve intimacy, in a relaxed and sensual situation, with total privacy and comfortable surroundings.

Through massage, it opens the door to the seduction and warm-up of the sometimes forgotten love relationship, when the rules are time (or lack thereof).

Through sensual massage, you can exercise the magic of seduction; it is possible to persuade who is reluctant, without having to use a single word; you can turn time into a deep moment of pleasure.

How to prepare for a sensual massage

Have a pre-work mentally if you want to receive a sensual massage. Everything is usually taken care of: the lighting, the temperature of the room, the music, and the volume of the room.

Not to mention, of course, the temperatures of our own bodies and those of the girls who gave us the massage.

Taking a shower beforehand also served to stimulate our imagination and prepare our body for what was to come.

It helped us to relax our muscle tone a bit and concentrate on just feeling comfortable.

Before receiving the massage, you set out to keep your mind free of all thoughts of your daily life.

Just think about relaxing and enjoying what you are doing, to be present at your massage, with body and mind, assimilating everything that you are receiving.

Remember that the massage puts the masseur in communication with the person receiving it. If you think of anything else, think of how you feel.

This is your personalized massage experience.

Before you begin, if you have any preferences regarding the message, the light, the music or the temperature of the environment, don’t hide it, talk about it.

During the massage, if a technique, a maneuver or your position is uncomfortable, give warning at any time of the session. This will help you to feel more comfortable.

Abandon yourself to the emotions you perceive and let yourself be carried away without resisting, don’t pay too much attention to some causal, small interferences that you could also create yourself.

Don’t give them attention, you will experience a pleasant feeling of well-being, a state of abandonment but at the same time, you will feel a flow of inner energy growing in you that will last for many days.


Why you need to receive a sensual massage

Nowadays, sensual massages are the order of the day and many specialized centers, know how to use them to provide everything a person needs.

This type of massage serves to relax but also to excite you, as it stimulates the most sensitive areas of the body and relieves tension points that do not allow you to enjoy your daily routine to the full.


The main benefits of sensual massages


  • Taking care of your body is taking care of your mind: In a society that has a devilish rhythm, standing for an hour and dedicating it to disconnecting from all worries is essential to avoid falling into processes of stress or depression.

More so, a good way to relieve depression is to receive sensual massages, since they contribute perfectly to the discharge of negative thoughts and feelings.

  • Relax from top to bottom: Nerve stimulus receptors are found throughout the body, and it has been shown that discomfort at one point can have a direct influence on another.


So, instead of locating the massage only in the part most affected, opting for an integral sensual massage will make the professional go all over your body and find more effective ways to treat an ailment.


  • The value for money is excellent: There are many people who find it difficult to invest a few dollars in their own physical benefit.


We tend to give priority to other expenses, but in reality, if you are not feeling well, what’s the essence of buying other things?

In addition, a massage offers immediate benefits. As soon as you leave the session you will feel lighter, more relaxed, and happier. The benefits usually go far beyond the physical.


  • They increase sexual desire: Of course, sensual massages not only serve to relax the body as therapeutics do — but also seek a stimulation of the sexual receptors.

Whether through touching, kissing or other techniques, the client feels that their sexual energy is optimally channeled and they feel better prepared for satisfying relationships.


  • They are an excellent preliminary: If you want to get out of the sexual routine with your partner, a sensual massage can become the prelude that you need to get used to.


Sometimes, sex is a bit of a “jack, horse and king” and that’s why you lose interest, so you have to find new incentives to recover the magic.


You don’t need to be a professional massage therapist to get good results, just to put interest and affection in it, because with love everything is achieved.


  • Improves communication in the couple: Whether the massage takes place in a couple or with a professional therapist, getting to know you is essential when it comes to knowing what you want and expect in bed.


Sometimes we do not know how to see beyond what we know, that limits our happiness in the sexual aspect and also in life in general.

How to prepare for a sensual massage


  1. Preparing yourself for a sensual and relaxing massage session is in itself an experience that will stimulate all your senses.


Choose the ideal moment and turn the place into a sensual space, through soft lighting, warm and cheerful colors, enveloping music, caressing clothes and seductive aromas, to deeply awaken deepest emotions and create a positive expectation towards massage.

  1. Before receiving a massage, relax very well. Do not massage when you are tired or upset, as contact between a partner can be so intimate that even feelings can be transmitted through physical contact.

To begin to relax, you can ask your partner to gently massage your shoulders first, so you will have received a delicious and loving caress before you begin. Then hug each other and breathe in unison to relax, feeling the warmth of your bodies.

Then, breathe together alternately, that is, when one breathes in, the other breathes out, and vice versa. Thus, minds and bodies will be opened to the experience of giving and receiving massage.

  1. Clear your mind of thoughts and judgments and concentrate on the massage. Breathe deeply and calmly, allowing the breath to relax your muscles.

You will be more focused and your partner will be able to relax in turn by perceiving your inner tranquility.

From this state, the massage begins and remember that the contact must be made in a very sensual way so that the sensation is totally pleasant.

This way, your partner will not feel your movements as an invasion of his or her body. The massage should be very subtle if you notice that your lover is tense or blocked.

Some people are not used to being touched or caressed and may feel uncomfortable or vulnerable to this type of contact.


Sometimes it helps to tell them to close their eyes or put on a very dim light – for example, candles – so they feel less emotionally “naked”.

As an atmosphere of greater emotional intimacy is created during the session and beyond, your partner will more easily accept contact from your hands.


  1. Let your imagination and creativity run wild, let go of the judgments and let your hands walk sensually over the whole body of the loved one.


Smile, say affectionate words, look at her gently in the eye and feel your hands on your partner’s delicious skin.


Accept with joy and gratitude that moment so close. The experience will be unforgettable for both of us.


  1. It allows sensual contact to occur. After all, it is a sensual massage that will help you enjoy a more sexual intimacy.


3 types of caresses for this sensual massage

1. Rub gently

It is a caress that will allow you to know your partner’s body better.

Apply a little massage oil to your hands and rub them together. Then place your palms and fingers relaxed on your partner’s back.

Slide your hands gently down to your lower back just before you reach your buttocks and back up again to the nape of your neck.

Try to locate possible knots of tension in the shoulders and upper back, in a subtle way, and rub gently there, without losing sensual contact.

If you raise one hand, keep the other hand on your partner’s body, so that physical contact is always maintained. The other person will feel this way always accompanied and loved.

  1. Knead sensually


It is an energetic movement, similar to how clay is kneaded. It works very well to release accumulated tension, especially in areas of the body that have large muscles, such as the back, buttocks, thighs, and calves.

Apply massage oil to your hands, rub them together and press a little on the area between your thumb and the rest of your fingers, without pinching.

Then pull the muscle towards you, pressing it firmly and gently between your fingers as if you were kneading with care and intention.

Remember to put more oil on if you feel your fingers don’t slide easily. Alternate your hands by pressing, pushing, pushing and lifting the skin.


  1. Pressing seductively


It consists of pressing small and specific areas, which produces a very relaxing and pleasant sensation.

Press the area with your thumb tip and make rotating movements so that the massage reaches deeper areas and gently releases tension.

This type of friction has an analgesic effect and stimulates blood circulation. One area that may respond sensually to this contact is the buttocks.


A sensual massage can provide the relaxation you desire, but also the erased motivation of the sexual coexistence. So give it some thoughts and step out to enjoy every bit of you. After all, your body has been yearning for it for so long!

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