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Massage Etiquette Guide: How to Get The Most Relaxing Massage Experience

Enjoying a relaxing massage is undoubtedly a desire for many, especially after a long day at work. There’s no better moment than when the therapist works on your muscle and other soft muscles to help you feel relieved, better, and more vibrant.

In fact, massage therapy, according to research may help in eliminating back pain and improve the quality of life for people living with depression, HIV/AIDS, and Cancer.

According to National Center for Complementary and Integrated Health, 6.9% of U.S. adults (15.4 million) used massage therapy.”

To get the best of it, there are effective massage etiquette you should follow before going to your appointment and starting the treatment.

By following these massage etiquette, you will make this space a moment of deep and lasting exception.

Preparation before the session

The choice of clothes.

During the session, you are usually dressed in your underwear, so consider choosing them accordingly. For girls, better avoid anything that is lace or too fragile, not worth taking your most beautiful lingerie. For men, prefer underpants or boxers and avoid underpants that are too loose.

Regardless of your choice, you must remember that your body will be covered with oil during the massage. Ensure that all the oil will not penetrate your skin at the end. So avoid dressing in your fetish clothes on which an oil stain would have the worst effect.


Be clean, no need to always shower before coming, but make sure you’re clean.

Body odors can quickly become uncomfortable, and this will not only be harmful to the therapist, but also for the quality of the service you will receive.

If it is unpleasant for him, he will apply himself less and will certainly make sure to accelerate his protocol to shorten the session. As a result, by neglecting your hygiene, you reduce the benefits of your relaxation session.

Take your time

Don’t slip your massage in the middle of a busy schedule. To fully enjoy it, you have to take the time before and after.

The best is to calculate your travel time to arrive with a margin, so as to be on time and even early. If you are in a hurry or a little late, you will put yourself under additional stress, which is the opposite of what you are looking for with a body relaxation session.

If you are a little late, your session may be a little shorter, or the welcome or recovery phases after the massage will be cut by a few minutes.

Hair removal

Do you have an appointment in a short time and you realize that you have some unsightly hair left?

Don’t panic, no one will judge you and don’t throw yourself on your wax or epilator at the last minute. It’s better to avoid waxing just before coming for a massage.

The day before, no worries, but the same day is not good. Hair removal is often irritating, generates red patches and spots, and a massage right after would not necessarily be pleasant.

Preparing your skin

On the other hand, if there is a treatment that can be interesting to prepare your skin, it is the body scrub. Indeed, it will eliminate impurities and open the pores of the skin, so the oil will penetrate more easily through the epidermis and you will benefit all the more from the oil used. Be careful, however, with the technique used.

Ask questions

A massage can only be successful if there is total trust between the massaged and the masseur (i.e., therapist). If you are apprehensive, frustrated, how can you relax? Only one solution: talk to your therapist!

Remember that you can even bring a therapist for a massage session in your home. It can be done in a Hospital, Cruise ship, Resort, Integrated health care clinic, etc.

According to American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA), “23% of massage consumers reported receiving their last massage at a spa in 2017.

Say what you want or not, and how you want it.

In the same way, if you want a more or less-supported touch, if you want the practitioner to work more on your legs or on your back, if you are not a fan of essential oils,… Share it!

Your practitioner can deduce for himself what you need. Don’t let him do what he thinks is the best for you. Be aware that in general, relaxation protocols are not fixed and can be perfectly adapted to your wishes (within reasonable limits of course).

Talking about your health problems

A wellness massage practitioner is not a doctor. It is not intended to treat you. However, it is better to inform him or her if you have particular health problems because massage is not suitable for all pathologies.

For example, if you have an allergic ground, it will be better to avoid the essential oils, if you are in the early stages of cancer — you might want to steer clear of massage for the time being.

So remember to prevent it if you do not want your moment of well-being to turn into a real ordeal.

On the massage table

1). Close your eyes and avoid talking

Once installed, you don’t have much more to do. In fact, just let yourself go and enjoy the present moment. However, there are still things not to do:

talk and keep your eyes open.

It’s all silly, but impossible to let yourself go while keeping your eyes wide open because you focus on your environment, on the therapist, you are stimulated by the light (dimmed), in short, you seek somewhere to control what surrounds you when it is quite the opposite that you have come to do: abandon yourself.

Closing your eyes is the basis, but it is not enough. Massage is not an aesthetic treatment, it is not a time for gossip or discussion. If you have things to say, it is before and/or after, but not during the session.

2). Relax and focus on the feeling

This moment must be for you, the worries, the work, the family, the daily life, all this remains at the door of the cocooning room. Forget what you did before or what you need to do after. Uplift your mood and enjoy every bit of it. “It could be the perfect gift,” according to American Institute of Alternative Medicine.

Breathe slowly and concentrate on the sensations of the massage. By focusing on movement and feeling in this way, you will necessarily put aside parasitic ideas that could harm your session.

Breathing helps to facilitate relaxation. People often stop breathing properly when they feel anxious or a sensitive area is massaged.

If you realize this is happening, you should take action and the therapist or practitioner should pay close attention to these particular cases.

3). What do I need to wear to receive my massage?

Experience shows that it is much more comfortable to be completely naked to receive your massage on the table. There are at least two reasons for this.

Massage is done with oils; they may stain the underwear, so let’s avoid this option if possible!

Besides, I also massage the buttocks. The gluteal deltoid is the most powerful and voluminous muscle of the human body. If it is neglected, it is a third of the body that is not massaged.

It would be a pity to miss it because under this muscle are located the head and neck of the femur — surrounded by an important ligamentous network. It is good and useful to go to work there. This contributes greatly to the relaxation of the back and the whole body.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

You might have some or all of these questions in mind as you’re planning for a massage or during a session. Read it with an open mind as though you’re sitting close to a massage therapist.

I am modest and I fear to expose myself naked in front of my masseur. Can I keep an undergarment?

Total nudity is not an obligation and I do not impose it on anyone. If your nudity bothers you in any way, a set of towels is at your disposal to cover you. I will then use a specific protocol that will respect your privacy throughout your massage.

I don’t like to be massaged on certain parts of my body; do I have to report it?

You have every right not to want to be massaged on certain parts of your body. This one belongs to you, so feel free to express yourself without restraint. Just let me know and I will take it into account immediately without you having to justify it.

If the massage does not suit me, can I stop the session?

Absolutely! You may have a good reason to wish to interrupt the massage. I will only ask you to give me the reasons in order to take them into account later and thus further improve the quality of my services. That said, it is quite obvious that before starting any session, I take care to verify, beforehand with you, that my massage suits you. This is a guarantee of the good progress of the session.

How many times a month should I get a massage?

There is no fast rule about the frequency of receiving a massage. It can be once a week, once or twice a month or once every quarter. It may also be that you want three or four massages to level up and then take a break.


Once you get home after a massage session, don’t throw yourself directly in the shower to remove the residual oil on your skin — that would be a real shame.

In order for your skin to fully benefit from the virtues of the oils used, it is necessary to give them time to penetrate the epidermis.

The choice of oils is important, and many masseurs choose their oil according to their benefits. There is the hydrating power of vegetable oils, of course, but these can also be supplemented by essential oils with varied properties.

More importantly, take time for yourself. You come out of your session calm and relaxed, so don’t bother to immediately get back into a hellish rhythm.

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