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The difference between NURU and TANTRA Massage

When I look back at my years in the adult massage industry, there has been many different forms of FBSM offered in the universe of sensual massage with “Happy Endings” to attract clientele. Today I see techniques like “Tantra” and “Nuru” massages being advertised on almost every add linked to Adult Massage. I decided to research and educate you the client as to what to expect if you should decide to experiment and indulge in these services.


Tantra is founded on an entire tradition which is practiced in some Indian regions.

When I think Tantra, I think sex. Long sensual foreplay for endless hours with ALOT of frustration to finish because there is no happy ending…ever. I was right about the sex, it is not the orgasm that drives the desires of lovers living and practicing Tantric traditions.

Tantra is founded on the concept of sexual continence, the path to endless ecstasy opens with the mastering of erotic energy. No Ejaculation. Your bring yourself to the edge of orgasm over and over. It’s meant to present you with the very best opportunities to experience the erotic and sensual potentials of your entire body.


By definition Tantric massage is considered to be an erotic massage.

Tantric massage sessions never include any type of sexual penetration.

It should be noted that orgasm is not the goal intended in a tantric session. The main goal is to learn how to arouse tantric energy”Kundalini”

Tantric Massage does not have any exact movements, the practitioner is not trained to preform mechanical movements or strokes. You could find yourself receiving one tantric massage that is nothing like your last. In tantric massage the giver should be experiencing the same pleasure as the recipient, this is a give and receive method of massage, although not by rule.

This massage channels the sexual energy and is meant to deliver great satisfaction. The touch is not “deep tissue” and the sensation is that of relation and connection with the giver.


This massage technique has a fundamental rule, and I myself have given NURU massage basics, without even knowing it! This massage technique originated in Japanese culture. The commonly offered “Body to Body” or “Bodyslide” in Edmonton massage parlours is a basic Nuru Massage. What makes a NURU MASSAGE unique and authentic is the gel applied to the massage client.

This is a messy and awfully fun massage to have and to get. In the parlour here at Marquis we use coconut oil for our sessions, and this would work to give a nuru session, to make the experience unique in everyway to Japanese culture we would need to find a tasteless, odorless massage lotion made from sulfated polysaccharide fucoidan which is made from the leaves of the brown Sphaerotrichia divaricate.

I would prefer a NURU MASSAGE. I personally am a fan!! I’ve always enjoyed giving body slides, throughout my experience many clients feel the same.

After learning the basics of these commonly sought after experiences, I am definitely going to start looking where to purchase authentic NURU GEL for the attendants at Marquis to use in these sessions. I will let you all know if I am successful on my hunt. We are always looking for ways to bring more than just the ordinary at Marquis for Men.